Parrotlets and More


Cages & Toys - Birds love to play with toys.  So a roomy cage with lots of toys and a swing is recommended.  For a Parrotlet a 18" X 18" size cage is recommended.  For conures, a 20” X 20” cage.  For the Meyers and Redbelly Parrots, a minimum of 20” X 20”.  Look for cages that are easy to clean with a pull out tray on the bottom and has a big wide door for easy access to the birds. Birds should always be taken out of the cage with the step up command. 

Difference between a lovebird and a parrotlet - Many people ask me this question. The biggest difference is that the parrotlet’s beak is not as strong as the lovebird, therefore they are not destructive and their bite is not as severe. Parrotlets are much quieter than lovebirds.

At what age can a baby go to a new home - Parrotlets are usually weaned by about 6 weeks and can go when they have been eating on their own for a week. Conures, Meyers and Redbelly Parrots wean at about 8 to 10 weeks.

Which makes better pets, males or females - It all depends on the personality of the bird. They most definitely have their own personalities. Some are very calm and some are very active. It also depends on the person training the bird, the age when you received it and the time you spend with it. The temperament and personality can be affected by the person training the bird. The more you interact with your bird, the more they will bond with you.

One bird or two - A single bird will make a good pet and bond with you. Two birds are equally nice. Especially if you are away all day and don't have that much time to spend with a single bird who will depend solely on you. If you spend time with them individually in the beginning and time with them together, they will still bond with you. I keep all my pet birds in pairs. I find it to be very entertaining to watch them play together.  I take them out to play and have them on my shoulder or play gym while I watch t.v., prepare meals or am on the computer.  Having a pair doesn't necessarily mean that they will breed and have babies.

Does a bird bond to the person handfeeding it - No, the bird will bond to the person who gives it the most attention. Even older birds that go into a new home will bond to the new person. It is wise to let others handle him for extra socializing.

Do birds make good pets for children – Yes, birds are a great learning experience.  Children can be taught to care for their pets at an early age.  Of course you would be the primary care giver of the bird.   

What do I do if my bird bites - Baby birds are just like little puppies, they go through a stage where they like to nibble everything, including your fingers. Don’t let them nibble on your fingers, give them a little toy or distract them. If they get too nippy on your finger, give your hand a little shake and say no biting. If it persists, put the bird back into the cage and take him out using the set up command to play again later. He will eventually learn.

Can they talk - Yes, most birds can learn to talk.  Each bird is an individual; some will talk more than others.    The more you talk to them, the more they will learn.

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